In partnership with Dear Villagers and WildArts Studio, Pix’n Love is pleased to announce the arrival of Born of Bread in physical edition for Nintendo Switch.

A true gem of the indie scene, Born of Bread is an RPG as cute as it is wacky, revisiting the typical characteristics of turn-based combat with a quirky interaction system that puts your skills to the test. Jovial and full of humor, Born of Bread puts you in control of Loaf, a little flour golem straight out of the oven, who will have to navigate a wonderful world plagued by an age-old conflict. With its colorful cartoon style and 2.5D aesthetic giving it a unique identity, Born of Bread brings a breath of fresh air to role-playing!

Extend the Born of Bread experience with this limited Deluxious Edition box set! Presented in a large format cardboard box, this numbered release comes with an 80-page making-of artbook including design sketches and unpublished interviews with the developers to find out everything about the design of Born of Bread! Music lovers will also be happy to enjoy the delicious OST in the form of a previously unreleased vinyl.

In Born of Bread, travel through a wonderful world and explore every corner to discover its many secrets. Face many enemies in turn-based battles incorporating a quirky interaction system. Team up with your friends and optimize your resources and skills to achieve victory. Collect many items and increase your skills.


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