Rocket League "City Slam" kicks off today

Who's ready for gridlock?

26 March 2024
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From fire-breathing Dragons to ferocious Wolves and even woolly Mammoths, Rocket League’s Season Mode teams are taking a cruise downtown in City Slam!

Show off your team spirit by taking on Challenges to unlock Decals based on the Guardians, Destroyers, Kodiaks, and more. If you haven’t slammed on the accelerator enough, take a drive to the Item Shop to check out even more team Decals! City Slam comes crashing in today and runs until April 9 at 6 PM PT.


Wear your favorite team’s colors with pride! There are ten different Season Mode-themed Decals you can unlock by completing City Slam Challenges.

Octane drivers, look explosive with the Bombers Decal, show off your fast driving with the Express Decal, bear your teeth with the Kodiaks Decal, or brandish your tusks with the Mammoths Decal.

If you prefer to step into a Merc, rule over the pitch with the Dragons Decal or defend your party’s honor with the Guardians Decal. Meanwhile, Dominus drivers can demonstrate their nobility with the Knights Decal, look ghoulish with the Phantoms Decal, or set their goal on obliteration with the Destroyers Decal. And don’t forget Breakout, which becomes part of the pack with the Wolves Decal!

Challenges are even better with trophies. For taking down one of City Slam’s toughest Challenges (Play 20 Online Matches), you’ll earn a Golden Cup you can open in your inventory to unlock items from the Accelerator, Turbo, or Triumph Series. You can complete this Challenge up to five times, so clear your trophy case for five shining Golden Cups 🏆

For you extra competitive Soccar players, there’s also an unlimited Win 10 Online Matches Challenge that rewards a suspension-busting 20,000 XP each time.


When a team can be defeated, things get heated! Head to the City Slam tab of the Item Shop to browse Decals showing the Season Mode teams’ fiery passion for victory—an inferno of neon flames that light up even the darkest Soccar pitch. All the Decals below are animated!

The Wolves (City Slam) Dingo Decal is the perfect example, with fearsome fangs at the front and a blue blaze at the rear. Matching its primal energy is the Kodiaks (City Slam) Dominus Decal, which roars into the arena with all the ferocity you’d expect from a flaming bear.

If you really want to feel the heat, check out the Dragons (City Slam) Fennec Decal which sports a bright blue blaze that perfectly matches its mythological origins. The only thing that can go toe to toe is the Guardians (City Slam) Fennec Decal, which covers your Car Body in flowing lava.

If you’re after a paint job that won’t have you reaching for the air con, then look no further than the Bombers (City Slam) Octane Decal which trades fierce flames for shocking sparks. Equally shocking is the Mammoths (City Slam) Dingo Decal that’ll electrif-eye around the pitch. You may also want to consider the Express (City Slam) Octane Decal, which dials down the temperature but still dons animated smoke.

Your rivals will want to hit the brakes once they spot the Phantoms (City Slam) Dominus Decal’s sinister skull and the Destroyers (City Slam) Dominus Decal’s ominous glow. The Knights (City Slam) Dominus Decal isn’t for the faint of heart either, with an axe-wielding armored warrior that will help you “chop” your way to victory.

And remember, a team is nothing without its fanbase to cheer them on, so show your love with the “Need You” Player Anthem by Nostalgix.

Not sure who to support? Be every team’s biggest fan by picking up the City Slam Mega Bundle, which contains all the Item Shop City Slam Decals.


  • Bombers (City Slam) Octane Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Express (City Slam) Octane Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Dragons (City Slam) Fennec Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Guardians (City Slam) Fennec Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Destroyers (City Slam) Dominus Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Knights (City Slam) Dominus Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Kodiaks (City Slam) Dominus Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Phantoms (City Slam) Dominus Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Mammoths (City Slam) Dingo Decal (300 Credits individually)
  • Wolves (City Slam) Dingo Decal (300 Credits individually)

If you’re looking for Car Bodies to use the Decals on, roll on up to the Car Show tab in the Item Shop! Hit the pitch like you’re hittin’ the town. City Slam runs from March 26 to April 9.

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