Just a couple of weeks back, we learned that the devs behind Penny’s Big Breakaway were working on a patch that would include an 60fps unlock, anti-aliasing and more. We’re happy to share that that update is now live, and you can see the full patch notes below.

Penny has been practicing her performances! She will no longer…

  • Get stuck on wall ledges and other objects.
  • Infinitely fall to her death in the World’s Edge boss encounter.
  • Slide up slopes that aren’t the ground.
  • Get stuck in a temporary infinite skid.
  • Get disconnected from YoYo during Whirl.
  • Lose all momentum when starting a yoyo ride from a distance.
  • Infinitely tumble.
  • Lose all her velocity when transitioning from Dash to Ride after YoYo retraction.
  • Get stuck at the end of a zipline when holding Ride or Throw until released.

Furthermore, YoYo has been training and will…

  • Stop going through as many walls when thrown.
  • Now accelerate more consistently while swinging in higher frame rates.
  • Be correctly sized on the Zipline.
  • Ledge Grab on more surfaces.
  • Stop releasing Penny from Edge Grab too early.


  • Omitted video settings from cloud saves – they’re only stored locally now!
  • Added Fullscreen video option.
  • From now on, we will reset the global cycle timer when restarting or dropping out
  • Indicate all-time cleared Show Pieces/Dilemmas for a scene in Pause menu.
  • Added a quick restart feature to Time Attack – Just hold the top face button!
  • Made Gusto reset to max when dropping out in Time Attack.
  • Game elements will behave more deterministically when you’re navigating Time Attack (by using a consistent global random seed when restarting or dropping out).
  • Reminded the denizens to not start the timer until Penny leaves Start Platform in Time Attack.
  • Scrapbook photos will now be full screen when viewing in menu!
  • Added the ability to delete Scrapbook unlock progress.
  • Added Depth of Field video option.
  • Tinkered with the Turnstile so Penny is consistently launched from the intended release point.
  • Adjusted the Rolling Log to not cause tumble when impacting sloped surface.
  • new performance and quality mode options on Nintendo Switch


  • Repaired the Suction Pipe so that it will now always eject Penny with the intended motion.
  • Politely asked the Peng Balloon to not cause a soft lock at the end of Pengoville 2 when falling on Penny after landing on the Busker Stage.
  • Reminded the Scatter Birds that their shadows should not disappear for a frame before flying away.
  • Turned around the Whirl Screw in the Final Act so that it screws in the correct direction.
  • Fixed the HUD so it will no longer draw after transitioning offscreen.
  • When opening pause menu the same frame Penny drops out, the stage will now play music properly.
  • Fixed the water splash VFX.
  • Fixed visual issues with the Fail Transition.
  • Corrected the Cannon object so that it no longer points to invalid target object references.
  • Whacked the side of the boombox so that the SFX issue after defeating no longer occurs.
  • Oiled the grease on the ball bearings so that vertical camera movement now always tracks at the correct speed (camera slack delta time scaling).

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