Developer YOHCAN has announced that they’re bringing QUIT TODAY to Switch, and you can see the game in action above. The trailer mentions an April 3rd, 2024 release date, but it’s unclear if that’s for just the PC version or Switch and PC.

The action game “Quit Today” with roguelite elements compresses many absurd workplace events - such as colleagues blaming you for their own mistakes, supervisors ignoring employee well-being. If you don’t protect yourself well, be careful of being thrown out of the office!

The story begins on an ordinary morning when you arrive at the company as usual, only to discover that all your colleagues believe you’re about to resign. They see you as a traitor to the company and gang up on you. To figure out what’s going on, you embark on a journey to protect yourself with your briefcase. After witnessing the darkness within the company, you decide to quit by defeating the company!

Encountering absurdities in different departments is absolutely normal. Those who are too stubborn and can not be communicated with a mouth will take a fist instead. Take that, my briefcase!

During your journey, you can freely choose skill sets and maximize the benefits of randomly acquired resources. You are the master of working.

Even in the darkness and despair, you’ll encounter partners who shine like the morning sun. You can call them for support during battles, and in their departments, you can enhance combat abilities or improve the company’s working environment.

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