Star Ocean: The Second Story R came to Switch in November 2023 and was met with near universal praise. Many found the game to be the perfect way to not only revive a classic title, but also introduce newcomers to the franchise. If you still haven’t given the game a go, you can hop on the Switch eShop right now and snag a free demo.

If you’re someone who’s already worked through the entire adventure, we’ve got some good news. The Star Ocean: The Second Story R dev team has been hard at work on a new update, and it’s launching later today!

Version 1.1 will be released for Star Ocean: The Second Story R today, and it includes tweaks, new features and more. You can see the update in action above, but you can also find the patch notes below.

  • Highest difficulty mode added: “Chaos.”
  • New raid enemies added: Ten Wise Men.
  • Ten Wise Men appear as Assault Actions.
  • New equipment added.
  • New NPC illustrations added.
  • “Character Graphics Collection” added: A feature to enjoy each character’s expressions.
  • “Endings Collection” added: Replay the ending scenes you have already reached at any time.

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