Splatoon 3 bento box seeing release in Japan

So...you're eating squid?

27 March 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo has built up the Splatoon franchise considerably since it originally launched on the Wii U. While the series is popular worldwide, it’s an absolute juggernaut over in Japan. That’s why so many different collaborations are announced for that region, and another of those tie-ins has been revealed today.

A limited edition Splatoon 3 bento box is set to arrive in Japan come April 1st, 2024, and it’ll be priced at $11.55. This bento box has come about through a collaboration with Kyushu Railway Company, and it’ll be sold at both train stations and two stores in Hakata Station, Fukuok.

Wondering what tasty treats come inside this bento box? Those who pick one up will get to enjoy fried squid rings and Yamaya dry mentaiko (spicy cod roe.),, but that’s not all. The bento box’s foods will be adorned with nori seaweed art featuring the Splatoon 3 logo, as well as inkling and octoling icons. As a final bonus, the bento box also includes one of two special stickers.

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