Maximum Entertainment has revealed that next week’s Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons free DLC update, Sacred Reunion, will include a trio of Double Dragon veterans making their grand returns to protect New York City. The free update also brings a slew of new modes. The DLC for the Nintendo Switch will be released on April 4th, 2024.

Ranzou and Sonny Lee return to take on the gangs of New York following their last playable appearances in Double Dragon IV, with Chin Sei Mei ending his hiatus since Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones. All three come with their own unique play styles and abilities. They’ll be playable across all modes, including the recently revealed wave-based Survival Mode. Enjoy the reunion with friends near and far, as online co-op will be launching alongside the update.

Tired of working together with friends? The brand-new Versus Mode will allow you to take them on in head-to-head battles. Upgrade your characters as you see fit with a variety of options, choose your arena and commence the ultimate test of individual skills and friendships.

New upgrades, improvements, additional content and a new difficulty mode will also be launching into the fight when Sacred Reunion fights its way onto PC and consoles April 4.


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