Helvetii fans rejoice! Team KwaKwa’s celtic mythology infused Action game is getting tons of free content and improvements via a free update. To mark the occasion, Red Art Games is releasing a brand new trailer showcasing what this new patch brings to the game.

Owners of Helvetii can download this free update right now. Here is the list of what it adds to the game:

  • A new cooking minigame is available on the campsite: pay Chef Bob to cook various meals that can give a stat buff to the whole party;
  • 31 new items, including new character specific artifacts, food, general treasures and Bob curios have been added to the game;
  • Added new unlockable moves for all characters in the sigil menu;
  • Each costume will now have unique sub-attacks (down + attack while on the ground). Note that some of the items have been replaced with new costume specific items;
  • You may encounter a new enemy in your travels: the Korrigan;
  • A Boss Rush mode is unlocked after beating the game on Normal;
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization has been added;
  • Additional rooms have been added;
  • Bob now offer random hints;
  • The Sigil screen has been reworked. It will now show you currently unlocked (but not acquired) as well as acquired sigils. Locked sigils will also show you what you need to do to obtain them;
  • Some sigil costs have been reduced;
  • Quality of life and balancing improvements;
  • Optimization and various bug fixes.
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