While Nintendo hasn’t shared any information on their Switch successor, we all know the company is hard at work getting the hardware ready. As time moves forward and work continues, Nintendo will be making some changes at a testing center here in America in order to prepare for the platform.

Nintendo has confirmed that a test center in Washington will undergo restructuring, with some contractors being moved into full-time positions while others are being let go. Nintendo has confirmed that employees being let go will receive severance packages. Specifically, Nintendo has said that they’ve “reorganized Product Testing functions to drive greater global integration in game development efforts.”

There’s no official reports on how many contractors will be retained or let go, but unconfirmed figures point to roughly 100 contractors being shifted around. Insiders at the testing facility also said that things have been quiet at the testing facility lately due to a lull in big-name releases, and none of the employees who shared statements had any knowledge on Switch successor game testing.


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25d ago

If I had to guess, contracts ending/not being renewed for some and the ones becoming full time will be working on the next system.


25d ago

Nintendo making layoffs is rare, but this doesn't exactly mean "New Switch incoming!" It could be NoA is just cutting costs and has nothing to do what they could announce this year.

Everyone in the gaming industry is making cuts. This doesn't mean everybody is releasing new hardware.