Shadows of the Damned came out in 2011, and while it had its fans, it didn’t exactly light the sales charts ablaze. Suda51, writer of that game, thinks there’s a chance for the title to find a real audience in 2024, hence the upcoming release of Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered.

While Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered takes the original game and revamps it, Suda51 has a desire to move things forward as well. In an interview with Game Rant, Suda51 shared his interest in creating a sequel somewhere down the road. Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered

Putting out a sequel is definitely something we would like to consider. So, make sure you buy as many copies as you can find in the stores. Even if we don’t end up putting out a straight-up sequel or continuation or whatever, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the characters in the game, specifically Garcia Hotspur and Fleming.


Before Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered was a thing, Suda51 almost brought back some of the title’s characters in another of his games.

During the same interview, Suda51 revealed that he “strongly considered” adding Fleming to No More Heroes 3. Furthermore, Suda51 says he thought about giving Fleming a “major role” in the game, but that obviously didn’t come to be. Unfortunately, Suda51 never reveals what role he was considering Fleming for, so now we’re left to speculate!

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