The adventure puzzle game “Savage Age” which combines survival, combat, base building, puzzle solving, and even tower defense, will be launched on Switch April 4, 2024. Players will return to ancient times, for the tribe’s totems and glory, embarking on a romantic and wild journey. This game is developed by HiddenBlade Studio and published by indienova.

In a long time gone, the earth was populated by thick foliage and thick oozing marshes, and barbaric tribes invaded each other. After being plundered by the Barbarian King, our hero sets out on a quest to reclaim the holy Three-Winged Totem and steps into the unknown, venturing deep into the wilderness… The game features a unique top-down cartoon style and a distinctive adventure gameplay, bringing players to an unseen barbaric era.

Players play as a brave warrior struggling to survive in the barbaric era. As the adventure progresses, players need to gradually solve puzzles engraved on stone pillars, use various resources at hand to craft tools, forge powerful weapons, and recruit tribesmen to protect the tribe in a survival of the fittest era.

The stage design and puzzle settings are both intuitive and imaginative. Players can use terrain features like cliffs, thorns, and quicksand to solve puzzles and gain advantages. By utilizing and transforming the environment, or by adopting unconventional approaches, players are encouraged to engage in creative problem-solving and to think outside the box.

The game’s main collectable, “Emerald Skull”, is carefully hidden in each level and is closely related to the game’s ultimate secret. In addition to twenty-one main levels and hidden content, various interesting achievements are waiting to be achieved; an endless mode will also be unlocked as the game progresses.

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