Ever found yourself changing your walk route to track down the aromatic scent of curry drifting about? Well, next time this happens, you may not only stumble upon a delicious meal, but you could also find a seedling for Curry Bowl Decor Pikmin! This new type of Decor Pikmin can be found in the vicinity of Curry Restaurants, including Indian restaurants and Nepali restaurants among others serving this almighty dish.

Speaking of curry, did you know that there’s different theories as to where the word comes from? While they can’t be confirmed, one such theory is that it comes from the French word “cuire”, meaning to cook, and another, more likely one, says that it comes from the Tamil word “kari”, which was a soup-like spiced sauce.

Today, curry has evolved well beyond the realms of Indian and South East Asian cuisines, and restaurants offering a wide array of curry varieties can be found all around the globe!

Keep your eyes peeled next time you order a tasty bowl of curry… you never know when you may have to share some with a Pikmin passing by to pick up their Decor gift!

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