Feeling a little nostalgic for the DS? Sure, you could dig into your closet, find your DS, and fire it up again…but what’s the fun in that? MikeDubbz over on Reddit had a much better idea of how to revisit the DS, and all it took was a ton of extra time, work, and hardware!

In a Frankenstein creation of his own doing, MikeDubbz decided to take the Switch Joy-Con, build a 3D-printed grip for them, and then slot them into his Galaxy Flip Z phone to create a facsimile of the original DS. Is it as nice looking as the DS? It certainly isn’t, but maybe it’s just as comfortable? It’s definitely more eye-catching, if for all the wrong reasons.

Even if MikeDubbz went out of his way to make a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist, you really have to appreciate the ingenuity!

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2+ y ago

That’s very cool. Maybe in 20 years we’ll get a new Nintendo clamshell with a folding screen.


2+ y ago


I hope Nintendo's eighth console ends up being a folding tablet for this very reason. Something that can adequately fulfill the Wii U and 3DS form factors along with Switch's controller modularity will make up for Switch otherwise being a step back from both.