Maniac Panda Games and Catness Games are proud to announce that their upcoming 2.5D platformer/puzzler, about earth goddess Gaia’s quest to restore life to a post-apocalyptic earth, will be launching on Switch March 28th for 17.99€ / $17.99.

One Last Breath is a 2.5D platformer/puzzler wherein you play as Gaia, an earth goddess born from mother nature’s very last breath. Thrust into existence in a post-apocalyptic earth where mankind has all but vanished, it’s up to Gaia to restore life back to the planet. But be forewarned, as decades of pollution and greed have twisted the land into a hostile ruin full of deadly aberrations.

Gaia’s powers allow her to control the environment - such as creating paths using tree trunks or summoning vines to hang between gaps - which are used in a variety of puzzles. Throughout her journey she’ll visit abandoned factories filled with hazardous, man-made obstacles that are mysteriously still operational. This polluted landscape is crawling with mutants who will mercilessly hunt Gaia down, so you must be careful if you’re to restore the planet and uncover the truth about what happened to humanity.

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