Dauntless, the Monster Hunter-style adventure, has been around for 3 years now. In that time, developer Phoenix Labs has packed a ton of content into the experience, and now they’re adding even more to celebrate this special anniversary.

Dauntless’ third anniversary brings players new quests, special sales, and other content to enjoy. You can read a quick breakdown of what’s available below.

  • four new quests
  • completion rewards include exclusive Firelight Phoenix cosmetics, the Legend of the Phoenix title, and the Firelight sword skin
  • relive the First Slayer’s epic double Behemoth battle against both a Shrowd and a Rezakiri in a limited-time event hunt
  • unlock the elusive Firelight Phoenix crown
  • Firelight Phoenix bundle contains the Firelight Phoenix helm, chest armor skin set and 5,400 platinum
  • enjoy 30% off style kits and featured weapon transmogs (sale ends May 19th, 2022)
  • special developer AMA, a secret activity, themed contests, and giveaways

Since launch, Dauntless has brought in more than 30 million players, and they’ve spent upwards of 300 million hours adventuring in the Shattered Isles. More fun awaits, as the dev team is working on Radiant Escalation and a brand-new Behemoth in patch 1.10.3. There will also be fixes to long-standing issues, changes that will give you more effective ways to hunt the Behemoths you want to hunt, a refresh of tonics and grenades, new status effects, and more.

If you’re interested in seeing more stats on Dauntless, you can see a massive infographic full of details here.

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