Nicalis officially announces that Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files will be released for Nintendo Switch today. The collection will launch simultaneously as both a digital download and a physical game card.

A collection of charming and eccentric adventure games that originated on the Nintendo DS platform, the Touch Detective series follows the adventures of Mackenzie, a rookie detective who attempts to solve local mysteries with the help of Funghi (her mushroom assistant). Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files includes all three mainline Touch Detective games, marking the first time that Touch Detective 3 will be localized and officially released in English.

Nicalis also worked closely with Success and Beeworks (the game’s Japanese publisher and developer) to update the localizations of Touch Detective and Touch Detective 2½, restoring some small details from the original Japanese text that were lost when the games were originally released in English-speaking territories on Nintendo DS. In some cases, these changes actually introduce subtle clues that are intended to aid in Mackenzie’s investigations.

Also, since the original releases used a second screen to display Mackenzie’s thoughts, these brief asides now appear as interludes superimposed over the main gameplay. This makes it easier to follow the story and ensures that players won’t miss any of her often humorous inner monologue.

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