Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, is thrilled to reveal the April 11 Nintendo Switch release date for the wonderfully brutal biopunk title Slave Zero X following a launch last month on PC, PlayStation 4 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X S. Soon, Switch players will be able to join the fray and take up bloody arms to carve through foes with relentless precision.

The Slave Zero X Switch release will be available in Standard and Deluxe editions digitally worldwide from April 11 and physically from April 11 (Asia and Japan) and May 17 (United States and Europe). Deluxe content includes a custom Nintendo Switch skin, soundtracks, and three comic books created by Marvel and DC Comics veterans Ant Williams and Andy Lanning (Ideas and Inks) that dive deep into the gnarly Slave Zero universe.

Ziggurat also announced that players on all platforms will be able to take on one last obstacle: SovKhan 300. After beating the Crimson Citadel game mode, players can face SovKhan in his true ultimate form, as originally intended by the game’s designers. SovKhan 300 will be added as free post-game content on April 11 on PC and consoles.

A satisfyingly punishing story of revenge, Slave Zero X sees the protagonist, Shou, merging with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, becoming a furious Devil in pursuit of killing a false God. Take up arms and do battle against the violent forces of the tyrannical SovKhan, the violent dictator who rules Megacity S1-9 with fists of iron and flesh.

With an array of gameplay modes and a strikingly futuristic 2.5D dystopian environment, players will unleash punishing combos and face off against waves of genetically enhanced biopunk enemies — all set to an intense synth soundtrack. Follow the story of Shou’s bloody vengeance in this savage, action-packed title that will resonate with fans of titles like Devil May Cry, Strider, and Guilty Gear.

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