Set sail for adventure in the Age of Discovery! Sagres, the open world sailing simulation RPG, is coming soon to Nintendo Switch!

In Sagres, players explore the Seven Seas circa the 1400s as the fresh-faced ship captain Fernando. You can customise your ship, battle against pirates and sea monsters, and assemble a crew to delve into the mysterious disappearance of the legendary explorer, Sir Antonio.

After Sagres’ celebrated release on Steam (85% positive reviews at time of writing) we’ve been hard at work getting the game ready for launch on Nintendo Switch. It’s great exploring the whole world from the comfort of your PC, but we figure it’s even better to do it from the comfort of wherever you want!

Sagres is the debut game from solo indie developer Ooze - based out of South Korea - and is published by Kakehashi Games as part of our mission to help indie developers in Asia reach global audiences.

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