Spike Chunsoft has announced a special distribution for Shiren the Wanderer: TMDoSI that’s set for April, and it’s coming straight from the devs behind the game.

Parallel Play is a feature that allows players to upload saved data (parallel data) created at any point during a dungeon adventure to the server, enabling other players to continue the challenge. By uploading the created parallel data to the server and sharing the issued Parallel ID, other players can challenge the dungeon under the same circumstances and conditions, providing a fairer way to compete.

In addition, since parallel data can be created and shared even in the middle of Parallel Play, multiple players can enjoy a relay-style dungeon adventure. Please note that even if you clear a dungeon in Parallel Play, you cannot bring back the items and Gitan obtained.

In April, Spike Chunsoft will be sharing their first official Parallel Data for Shiren the Wanderer: TMDoSI, and the dungeon is none other than Serpentcoil Island. This leaves you a few days to bone up on your gameplay in order to try and tackle what Spike Chunsoft has cooked up!

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