Terra Nil developers Free Lives have announced that since the game’s launch, they have donated over $100k towards the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s ongoing conservation efforts in our home of South Africa. If you’ve already purchased Terra Nil or are going to do so, part of your transaction will make its way to the EWT as well.

Terra Nil is a chill, meditative strategy experience. Using advanced eco-tech you’ll transform desolate, barren wastelands into thriving, vibrant ecosystems. Soil will be purified, oceans cleansed, trees planted and wildlife reintroduced as you turn a dead world into a living one—then clean everything up and leave without any trace you were ever there.

There are four very different, replayable, procedurally generated biomes to tackle in the game including volcanic glaciers, ruined cities and tropical islands. Each has its own uniquely challenging climate, geology, flora and fauna. Create swamps, rainforests, rivers and more to watch a dry, cracked landscape suddenly explode with life and color.

Last but not least, Free Lives confirmed that they’re also working on a big, new update for Terra Nil; which will include new systems, features and a lot more content. We’ll bring you details on that when they become available.

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