During Rain World’s 7th anniversary celebration, VIDEOCULT, alongside publisher Akupara Games, excitedly announced The Watcher, the newest DLC in their widely-praised cult classics expanding lineup. Explore undiscovered regions layered with creepy, crawly, never-before-seen creatures that’ll be sure to test the strongest of wills. When the world around you starts to crumble will you succumb to the sinister shadows or stand up stoic awaiting the evercoming, consuming darkness that grips your feet?

Rain World: The Watcher is the next DLC expansion of Rain World. Journey beyond to something, somewhere only ever glimpsed. When the world beneath your feet cracks and crumbles, will you hold on to all you once knew? Or dive into the unknown?

The wilds that await will be unlike all that’s come before.

Unknown creatures stalk and climb and dive and hunt. New breeds rip and pluck and burrow and hide. Predator and prey redefined. And through the middle of it all, a lonely, lost slugcat trying their best to outlast the ravages of a warped world.

[Press release]

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