Sarah Natochenny had an amazing run with Pokémon the Series, voicing protagonist Ash Ketchum for well over a decade. We all know that Ash has since accomplished his main goal and rode off into the sunset, but we’ve just learned that Natochenny isn’t done with the world of Pokémon just yet.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series is the current Pokémon anime, and it offers fan a new world, cast of characters and adventures to follow. This means Ash isn’t part of the series anymore, but Natochenny hasn’t bowed out completely. Thanks to an interview with The Gamer, we now know that Natochenny has been using her talents to bring Caterpie to life in Pokémon Horizons.

“It’s odd going into the studio so infrequently, and it’s odd to go in and not have any Ash to do. The last time I walked in there, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah’. And then I hear Liko and Roy. It’s different, but it’s great, change is good. It’s good to get shaken in your boots a little bit and figure out what you want to do. I’ve had the luxury of having a job for so long and been a part of such a legacy for so long. I mean, I’m still part of it. But now it’s time to really consider my position, right?

(For Caterpie) We hear the Japanese [version], and then I just play around and come up with different voices for it. And the director is like, ‘oh this works, that works, oh we’ll send this to producers’. So it’s definitely a collaborative effort.”

[Sarah Natochenny]

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