The Ginkgo Guild merchant Volo has arrived in Pokémon Masters EX straight from the Hisui region—and he’s brought along his sync pair partner Togepi. These two strangers in an even stranger land are sure to discover all sorts of interesting things on the isle of Pasio.

As a Fairy-type field sync pair, Volo & Togepi are adept at altering field effects to benefit your team during battle. Thanks to the duo’s Sinnoh theme skill and Sinnoh Solidarity move, they become even more effective when teamed up with other sync pairs that share the Sinnoh theme.

Sinnoh Solidarity does quite a bit for your team. The move increases the Physical Moves ↑ Next effect and Special Moves ↑ Next effect of all allied sync pairs by one rank. It also applies Sinnoh Circle (Defensive) to the allied field of play, which powers up the moves and sync moves of all allied sync pairs while also reducing the damage they take from attack moves and sync moves. Sinnoh Circle (Defensive) will also activate Volo & Togepi’s passive skill Circle: Team S-Moves ↑ 3, which powers up the sync moves of all allied sync pairs.

The pair’s Masterful Metronome move is normally (heh) a Normal-type move, but it becomes a Fairy-type move thanks to their Piqued Curiosity passive skill. Masterful Metronome uses one of several moves at random and randomly activates one of several additional effects. It also bolsters your team even further by increasing the Physical Moves ↑ Next effect and Special Moves ↑ Next effect of all allied sync pairs by one rank.

Finally, don’t forget about Volo & Togepi’s This Is an Investment! move, which raises an ally’s Attack and Sp. Atk by four stat ranks and their critical-hit rate by three stat ranks—another quick and easy way to strengthen your squad.

For more details on this sync pair’s passive skills and moves, check out Volo & Togepi’s in-game sync pair scout screen. Volo & Togepi are available to scout from March 28, 2024, at 11:00 p.m. to April 17, 2024, at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

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