Global game publisher CFK (headed by Chang-sig Koo) is proud to announce today that they have settled on the global Switch release dates for two indie games, One Punch and Dungeon Slasher, coming out of Daegu, Korea.

Developer SPRING Games’ One Punch and developer 96Percent’s Dungeon Slasher were released to mobile in 2018 and 2022 respectively. Since the release of each game, they’ve both continued their smooth operations while being met with high-scoring ratings and favorable reviews.

CFK, together with the Daegu Metropolitan City and the Daegu Digital Innovation Promotion Agency (DIP) as part of the 2023 Daegu Global Game Center Game Platform Conversion (Porting) Support Project, has supported the platform porting of two titles from mobile-oriented small to medium-sized game companies, helping them diversify onto new platforms and prepare for global launches, bringing them to Steam after the porting development completed.

One Punch comes to the Nintendo Switch on May 30th (Thurs.), followed by Dungeon Slasher on June 13th (Thurs.).

One Punch (Developer: SPRING games)

One Punch is a casual game that was released to 16 countries around the world and achieved more than 1.7 million downloads. Sporting a pixel art motif that calls back to classic fighting games, One Punch uses move and attack buttons to punch targets (sandbags), giving players the win when they achieve a high score in a limited amount of time. Running into a sandbag, messing up a hit, or timing out all bring the game to an end, demanding quick reactions from players.

Dungeon Slasher (Developer: 96Percent)

Dungeon Slasher is a roguelike action game that was developed with simple controls set around stylish action for players to enjoy. The game is packed full of content, requiring players to acquire, strengthen, and combine skills while they form their own unique skills, not only to navigate the field map, but also to battle against the powerful bosses with their own special gimmicks.


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