The Game Boy Color retained the design and form factor of the Game Boy before it, giving players a vertical play experience. It wasn’t until the Game Boy Advance that Nintendo would swap their design for a horizontal approach, which many adult players found to be more accommodating for their larger hands.

What’s an adult gamer who wants to play the Game Boy Color comfortably supposed to do? Well, they could just suffer through hand cramps…or they could turn to a custom mod by LeggoMyFroggo that takes the design sensibilities of the GBA and brings them over to the GBC!

LeggoMyFroggo has created what they’re calling the Frog Boy Color, which rips out the Game Boy Color’s innards and crams them into a Game Boy Advance form factor. Of course, a number of other enhancements have been made along the way, including USB-C charging, dual speakers, and tactile buttons.

If you consider yourself quite handy, you’ll be happy to know that the instructions for building your own Frog Boy Color are available online, and for free! If you’d like to dig into the details on how to make this mod yourself, you can find everything you need here.

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27d ago

Or they could play the GBC games on the GBA

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