Want to feel really old? Believe it or not, Pokémon GO is already 7+ years old. The game was an absolute cultural phenomenon back when it launched in July 2016, but even more impressively, the game is stronger than ever all these years later. Turns out just like Pokémon itself, Pokémon GO wasn’t a fad!

The fact that Pokémon GO continues to find a new audience and bring in considerable revenue so long after launch is a testament to Niantic’s dedication to the experience. In an interview with Eurogamer, Ed Wu, senior vice president of Pokémon GO, opened up about where the game is now and where things are heading.

“It’s bananas to think this thing is going to be going into its next decade soon. (Pokémon GO is) not only healthy, but it’s growing, and we’re putting a lot of investment into ensuring it’s a great game and has really firm foundations for the next 10 years.

As we gear up for that 10th anniversary, we want a refresh that’s befitting that next decade. We’re refreshing our avatar system next with a more improved experience, updated assets - a modern system that can offer more customization.

Now, as we’ve grown past the original 151 Pokémon, we’re making a concerted effort to go back to that biome variety.”

[Ed Wu, senior vice president of Pokémon GO]

There’s no doubt fans want to hear more specifics on what to expect in Pokémon GO in the months to come, and Wu was willing to share a small look at what’s on the horizon.

“We’re not deeply leaning towards a whole parade of them (Adventure Effects) right away, but as we think about how to add new features to the game, when the timing matches we’ll do it. And now we have the infrastructure, the basics in the system for folks to invoke them.

(As for Arceus) There are lots of idea. Our aspiration is to get every Pokémon in the game, but we want to do it in the right way which befits them and is consistent in our ambition to get folks outside and exploring together.”

[Ed Wu, senior vice president of Pokémon GO]

To read more about where Pokémon GO has been, its successes and failures, and what the future might hold, check out Eurogamer’s full feature.

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3M ago

Arceus for getting all pokemon sounds about right (that said, there is lots of plate versions...), or even all unown, or lv 100, lots of options based on that sentence.