An update is available for Tamarak Trail. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Decreased market prices by 10%
  • Increased score calculation for ability unlocks for defeated monsters and acquired sides by 30%
  • Increased Garmonbozia gain by 1 for each boss
  • Added reroll charge rewards to Wounded Horse encounter
  • Changed the poison stacks from Wounded Horse from 10 to 5
  • Increased the amount of Scare stacks needed to wound hero from 3-4
  • Merciless monsters difficulty modifier reduces Scare stacks needed to wound to 3
  • Added reroll charge reward to Tea Ceremony event
  • Added reroll charge reward to Tea Leaf Turtle event
  • Added 1 Garmonbozia reward to Stags fight
  • Increased rewards from the Teacup event
  • Added reroll charge reward to Travelling Trader event
  • Aim for the Eyes now does an additional 5 damage per Blind stack on target
  • Aim for the Eyes cost is decreased by 1
  • Backflip cost reduced from 3 to 1
  • Undercover stacks from Undercover increased from 1 to 3
  • Modified ghost area monster unit CR (less dogs)
  • Increased Combat Rating progression from traversing nodes from 0.70 to 0.75
  • Increased Teapot Hydra heavy damage (20->40)
  • Increased Teapot Hydra boiling attack damage (6×2 -> 12×2)
  • Increased Teapot Hydra bite attack damage (3×3 -> 3×4)
  • Added 5% dice bounciness
  • Increased throw maximum dice throw strength by 30%
  • Cannon Fodder hearts reduced 2-> 1
  • The scare effect has been redesigned – now it increases the damage the player takes by 2 and loses stacks with both time and each attack
  • Shattered Core damage increase 1->2
  • Increased Ghost Scarecrow A scare stacks applied 1->4
  • Increased Ghost Scarecrow B scare stacks applied 1->5
  • Night Raid ability damage when the enemy is drowsy 15->50


  • Modified monster choice algorithm to reduce duplicates
  • Added a dynamic text system to status effect descriptions
  • Added map key to map scene
  • Updated tutorial text about event encounter results


  • Fixed auto roll button bug when pressing after ‘end turn’
  • Fixed Undercover wrong status effect icon
  • Fixed typos in console/controller die edit tutorial
  • Fixed Elementary Rebuke description
  • Fixed Hypnozard not respecting Confusion status effect
  • Fixed Fire Knife not stacking (and with the wrong description)
  • Fixed a typo in Thick Fog event
  • Fixed Ghost Trio B not respecting audio sliders
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling on map
  • Fixed bleed applying player attack powers on player
  • Fixed music not playing in the last area after loading the game
  • Fixed Jetstream not working correctly
  • Fixed dice side description in edit not displaying after flattening the die

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