Reggie is still on a tour promoting the release of his book, Disrupting the Game. Reggie’s latest stop is at Cheddar News, where he sat down for a virtual interview about the book, his time at Nintendo, and more.

In one particular segment, Reggie opens up about the Wii and DS era of Nintendo. Reggie discusses how the innovation in those platforms helped expand the gaming audience, and turning gaming from sometime 1 out of 3 people did into an industry where 7 out of 10 people play games.

Gaming has certainly grown in the time since the Wii and DS, but there’s no denying those platforms kickstarted that growth in a major way.

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2y ago

The Wii and the DS were very innovative. Game changers really, from the motion controls of Wii to the dual screens and touchscreen controls of the DS. I don't anything Nintendo has done since has come close, they've just been iterative of those systems and their ideas.