There isn’t a game franchise out there that hasn’t dealt with cancellations and shelved ideas. No matter how big an IP, there are always projects that don’t pan out, leaving ideas and full games left on the cutting room floor. Metal Gear Solid is no different, as a number of Snake sequels never came to fruition. Today we get to see a few of those, even if Konami never intended for us to.

The gang at Did You Know Gaming has once again done an incredible bit of detective work to dig up details on multiple cancelled Metal Gear Solid games. A handful of outings were scrapped within Konami’s walls for various reasons, and now we get to see glimpses of what could have been for Snake if things panned out.

You never know when one of these ideas could be revisited for a MGS title down the road, but even if that never happens, at least we get a look at what the powers that be were considering for future adventures.

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