Bugsnax: The Card Game Kickstarter launched

Can we bug you for a bit of cash?

01 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Welcome to Snaktooth Island! In this strange and far away paradise live the most incredible creatures: Bugsnax!

What are Bugsnax? Well, they’re kinda bug, kinda snack, and all delicious. You and your Grumpus friends have come to the island for the sole purpose of catching and devouring these skittering little morsels. Just don’t think too hard about what it is you’re eating…

A transparent drawing of Sprout, a living strawberry bugsnak with googly eyes. Sprout is in a hampster ball and looking very cute.

Based on the hit video game, Bugsnax: The Card Game is a bite-sized race to eat your fill! Take on the role of your favorite Grumpus and use their unique ability cards, along with your tricky traps, to outwit the other players and overcome the Bugsnax defenses. Be the first to chow down on 6 points worth of Bugsnax, and you’ll be crowned the Snakmaster General!

Play in standard mode for a casual burst of bug-catching fun, or tackle advanced mode for a longer and more strategic experience. Between 13 Grumpuses and 40 Bugsnax, there are a ton of play styles to try and unique situations to overcome. However you like to play, Bugsnax: The Card Game is a treat!

If you’d like to help make Bugsnax: The Card Game a reality, you can check out the official Kickstarter campaign here.

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