Nintendo suggests Switch games featuring Waluigi

Is this man a joke to you, Nintendo?!

01 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Sports star. Fashionista. Master of mischief. These are but a few descriptions of the lanky legend named Waluigi (or least it’s how he mightdescribe himself). Let’s now shine the spotlight on the purple-clad WAH-nder that is Waluigi!

Nintendo has chosen April Fools’ Day of all days to highlight Waluigi and the many games he appears in on Switch. We’re not too sure we like Nintendo referring to Waluigi as a joke, but I guess some time in the spotlight is better than none!

You likely already know about all the games that Waluigi can be found in on Switch, and you no doubt own a good amount of them. Still, if you’d like to show the fan-favorite character a bit more love, you can dive into Nintendo’s feature here.

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