It’s time to get hyped for the storylines heading into the 2024 Europe International Championships (EUIC). It’s the second International Championships of the season and the first to feature Regulation Set F, which introduced Pokémon from Blueberry Academy’s Terarium as well as a few new Paradox Pokémon.

We’ve seen the return of classic Pokémon like Incineroar since Regional Championships started using Regulation Set F, but there’s been plenty of variation, from the surprise Articuno to the newly discovered Raging Bolt.

Pokémon Co. has gathered three amazing experts for an exciting roundtable to talk us through what the metagame has in store for fans at EUIC this year: Joe Ugarte, Lou Akcos-Cromie, and Aaron Traylor, joined by Chris Shepperd from From intriguing Pokémon to top players to surprise strategies, this group has it covered. You can get all of their insight and more in this feature.

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