Despite Easter being long gone, the Project Winter team are here to give you the Easter update, complete with new features, a store overhaul, some balancing changes, and of course, new cosmetics!


Abandoned Ranger

Abandoned Ranger is a new objective where a ranger-style escape vehicle has been abandoned and survivors must repair it. While repairing it, a signal will begin emitting from it. Signal Boosters around the map will start picking up that signal and transmit a radio frequency that blocks the cabin radio from being able to contact their escape vehicle. Players need to locate both signal towers and work to stop the frequency from transmitting.

In effort to obtain community feedback and balance this new objective, Abandoned Ranger has been added to Custom Mode only; this objective will later be added to Normal mode once fully balanced.

Store & Drops Refresh

The Store is very clunky to navigate. Its previous UI limited us in terms of store categories, number of cosmetics, etc. To support the team’s goal of providing the community with new and exciting cosmetics more often, they have given the store a new look! Players will now be able to scroll from one category to another to see all the items we have available or use the icons to jump to a specific category.

When it came to the Drops page, we took a look at some community suggestions! The current in-game drops page does not offer players a list or catalog of cosmetics available in the drops. This often leaves players unsure whether they’ve unlocked everything a drop has to offer, or if they need to buy more drops. To help rectify this, the devs have added a way for players to now see what items are available in a specific crate so that you can make a more educated decision on whether or not you want to purchase that Drop!


  • ghost bear collision issues
  • grammatical errors in on-screen text when using the ability
  • an issue where bears would sometimes damage themselves when using the bear claws
  • an issue where ghost bears would pick up items while transformed into a bear
  • missing animations when transforming in/out of a ghost bear form
  • an issue where ghost bears could damage players who were in the Mass Hysteria or Solar Flare animation
  • fixed some issues with incorrect translations occurring for non-English languages
  • fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash if you left while others left at the same time
  • fixed an issue where Demo players were defaulting to a red social rating and several other back-end bugs that were allowing Demo players to do things they shouldn’t have access to


  • Made some balancing changes to the Ally role:
  • There is now a delay before the Ally knows who their Allied Player is.
  • An ally can be on any team (Survivor, Traitor, or Neutral)
  • Made some balancing changes to Wild Spirit:
  • There is now a cooldown for the roar attack
  • Ghosts no longer accrue Ghost Power while transformed into a ghost bear
  • There is now a 180 second cooldown between Wild Spirit transformations
  • Voice chat is muted for the ghost bear while using Wild Spirit ability
  • Ghost bears will no longer be able to use text chat while using the Wild Spirit ability
  • There is now a blue vignette around the perimeter of the screen when using the Wild Spirit ability
  • Ghost bears will no longer see the name of players while in their Wild Spirit form
  • Ghost bears will see the same player model for all players while in their Wild Spirit form
  • made some improvements to the Tranquilizer Gun so that when a player is tranquilized:

They are unable to use voice or text chat, they are slightly slowed, their damage is reduced and their controls are slightly altered



As always, you will see new cosmetics in-store for the months of April and May starting with some Easter cosmetics and an Easter Progression Tree!


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