PowerA, a division of ACCO Brands, and a global leader in enhancing interactive entertainment with officially licensed gaming accessories, proudly announces the newest controller featuring its Lumectra lighting technology, the Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch with Lumectra™ RGB. This officially licensed controller gives gamers an electrifying experience that not only enhances gameplay, but also adds a vibrant new dimension to their gaming adventures.

Offering numerous vivid RGB options, intuitive motion controls, and advanced mappable gaming buttons, this Enhanced Wireless Controller amplifies immersive and competitive gaming experiences. Coupled with the unparalleled convenience of up to 20 hours of wireless connectivity with a rechargeable battery and an included 10-ft USB-C charging cable, this controller promises extended sessions of gaming enjoyment.

The PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch with Lumectra features multi-zone RGB lighting, offering 24 different colors across four individual lighting zones. With three dynamic lighting modes, gamers can create thousands of unique color combinations, personalizing their gaming experience like never before.

Thanks to its intuitive motion controls, users can delve deeper into their favorite games, experiencing fluid and responsive gameplay. Whether it’s aiming, steering, flying, or exploring, the Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch with Lumectra™ offers exceptional immersion and precision. Specifically designed to give any gamer an edge, this controller is equipped with two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons, allowing players to program them on the fly, even during intense gaming sessions, without the need to navigate through system settings or apps. With this customizable feature, gamers can conveniently gain a strategic advantage over their opponents.

Users can enjoy unparalleled wireless freedom with the Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch with Lumectra™, ensuring seamless connectivity with all Nintendo Switch models. With up to an impressive 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge and the convenience of recharging through the included extra-long 10 ft USB-C® charging cable, players can focus on their gameplay without worrying about their battery life. The controller’s ergonomic design, textured grip, and responsive analog sticks guarantee hours of comfortable gaming experience.

The Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch with Lumectra™ is available now for $59.99 at and major retailers world-wide.


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