Developers from Frozen Way and Frozen District studios, based in Krakow are pleased to share news about features that have been introduced to House Flipper!

Although House Flipper 2 was released at the end of last year, the game developers haven’t forgotten about the players who still enjoy the first version. First, in March they announced the new House Flipper Dine Out DLC, and now new elements have been added that bring a breath of spring freshness to the game! This includes a free Reef Cottage Update to be released on Switch at a later date, and also announced the Pop Art Furniture Pack DLC, which will be available for purchase in June this year.

About House Flipper – Pop Art Furniture Pack

The developers have created a brand-new furniture Pack, themed around the vivid artistic trend of pop-art, and designed to cater to the players who believe in the power of avant-garde decor options.

With Pop Art Furniture Pack, players will meet the mind-bending creations from the most twisted imaginations! They will discover items that defy convention and redefine the meaning of pop-art. Post-modern sofas, freaky chairs, and gripping dressers? All of those eye-catching beauties are included in this downloadable content. Prepare to let your inner eccentric loose and transform your house into a vibrant playground of funky delights! The DLC will include over 69 new items.

About House Flipper – Reef Cottage Update

Buying new furniture isn’t everything – it’s equally important to have a suitable place to showcase it. Therefore, a new extraordinary property for sale, Reef Cottage, has already been added to the House Flipper!

The property awaits someone who will restore it to its former glory, while also uncovering its secret nature, which may be hidden… very deeply. Surely none of its inhabitants would be able to complain about dull views out the windows. After all, not everyone has the chance to observe two different worlds from the same house, depending on which floor they are on. Additionally, two new items related to relaxation – a jacuzzi and a sunbed – will be introduced to the game along with this unique house. Take a break and allow yourself to catch a breath of spring!


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