On December 28, 2023, Pokémon Concierge first welcomed guests to a shining green island—a paradise with no routines where visitors can be themselves. The four-episode stop-motion series available on Netflix takes its guests to a relaxing island resort where people and Pokémon enjoy a much-needed break from the stress of their lives.

Although the episodes are short—ranging from 14 to 20 minutes—they’re packed with wholesome, slice-of-life moments. Even if you’ve already watched all four episodes, the chances are good that you missed something that will deepen your appreciation for this show.

While there are more Pokémon Concierge episodes in development, it doesn’t hurt to rewatch the first four episodes during the wait. Keep an eye out for these details during your next visit to the Pokémon Resort!

If you want to check out these 10 small details in Pokémon Concierge, you can read the official feature here.

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