Today it was announced that OMEGA 6: The Triangle Stars, a new adventure game with 16-Bit styling, based on the manga by former Nintendo art director, Takaya Imamura, will see release in Japan on July 25th, 2024. This announcement came via a live-stream that you can see above.

Japanese customers will have a wide variety of options to pick from when purchasing OMEGA 6: The Triangle Stars. They can grab the standard edition for 3,850 yen, the Black Whole Box Special Edition for 8,470 yen, or cough up 16,500 yen for a special edition with an art book and signed card set. The Black Whole Box special edition includes a copy of the game, the original soundtrack (CD and download code), the Japanese-language OMEGA 6 comic, a manual booklet, and a mini-size poster.

Based on the sci-fi comic first introduced in 2022 by France’s Omake Books, OMEGA 6: The Triangle Stars features a brand new story, taking players on an intergalactic journey to locate a new home for the human race. With adventure around every turn, the path rarely runs smoothly for voyagers Thunder and Kyra, who, joined by their robot Prop and alien Flavo, are forced to embark on a dubious treasure hunt in the ruins of a strange planet to settle their mounting debts. Competing with fellow treasure hunters and armed with information that may help or hinder them, what treachery lies ahead of Thunder and Kyra on planet Imposter?

Having worked on a roster of critically acclaimed titles including the F-Zero, Zelda and Star Fox series, acclaimed art director Takaya Imamura will be leading the art direction and graphics for OMEGA 6: The Triangle Stars, filled with beautiful pixel art and a cast of unique characters. Meanwhile Shinobu Amayake, also ex-Nintendo, will be drawing on her experience of composing music for NES and SNES titles, including Stunt Race FX, to create an original soundtrack for the game.

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