Them’s Fightin’ Herds has been updated to Ver. 6.0.0 Rev2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed localization issues on Salt Mines end screen.
  • Fixed issues with Baihe combo steps being tracked and localized incorrectly during combo trials.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where combo trials were inaccessible with the appropriate DLC downloaded.
  • Fixed a potential crash when fighting Texas on Mac and Linux versions.
  • Fixed lagging cosmetics and body parts on pixel lobby training animations for Nidra and Baihe

Baihe Balance Changes:

  • Baihe’s Air-Backdrafts can no longer be used as a stalling technique high-up on-screen.
  • Baihe’s Tactical Retreat now has an additional landing state.

Siege Cannon (SC) Changes

  • Added a 1.5 second cooldown during which Magic cannot be regenerated.
  • Added 3 Siege Cannon levels that are dependent upon Magic available.
  • SC Level 1 requires at least 1 Magic stock.
  • SC Level 2 requires at least 3 Magic stocks.
  • SC Level 3 requires at least 5 Magic stocks.

Phalanx Strike (PS) Changes

  • Introduced 3 variations that work like Siege Cannon.
  • PS Level 1 requires at least 1 Magic stock.
  • PS Level 2 requires at least 3 Magic stocks.
  • PS Level 3 requires at least 5 Magic stocks.

Counter Changes

  • Counter now has 5 frames of startup.
  • Counter loses invulnerability if the enemy does a super before Baihe hits after the Counter is triggered.
  • Counter, once active, now has a single point of Armor.
  • Counter now only triggers from physical attacks.

Baihe Bug Fixes:

  • Baihe’s projectiles should now cause proper Juggle Decay, preventing infinites.
  • Baihe’s Cinder Shots and Backdrafts should no longer have any invincibility during their duration.
  • Fixed a phenomenon with Baihe’s Scorching Nexus projectiles accumulating and crashing the game.
  • These were caused from fighting opponents with invincible attacks, such as Arizona’s Magic Dash and Pom’s Puppy Pummel.
  • Fixed Baihe’s animation during crouching pushblock.
  • Fixed Baihe’s animation during an unsuccessful Last Round super.
  • Fixed Baihe’s Magic-Counter attack not getting hit properly by supers.
  • Fixed an issue with Baihe building incorrect meter amounts when being hit.
  • Fixed an issue where Player-2 Baihe’s Last Shot did not do the correct amount of damage.
  • Fixed Baihe’s Intro and Outro related game stalls.
  • Fixed a previously missing palette name.

Nidra Bug Fixes:

  • Dream Drop and Magic Dream Drop now despawn when Phantasmal Feast hits.
  • Cross Canter now has the same startup and invulnerability timings as other characters.
  • Fixed a freeze phenomenon that occurred when Blooming Lotus was canceled into Lotus Seed.
  • Fixed Nidra being able to do her Wake Up! attack during her Sleepy Sweep attack without requiring Magic.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when an opponent’s projectile hit Nidra during Blooming Lotus while the opponent was blocking.
  • Fixed game slowdown/crashes that would occur when Nidra was hit by projectiles when the opponent was blocking Nidra’s attacks.
  • Fixed Nidra’s P1 intro not playing on Oleander’s level.
  • Fixed game stalls related to Nidra’s Intro and Outro.

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