Snowrunner has been updated to Ver. 29.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New content:

[DLC] New truck:

  • Azov 67096 “Atom”

North Carolina region fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the camera was not centered on active zones from objective of some tasks
  • Fixed a bug where some tasks and contracts with ‘Water’ cargo couldn’t be completed after restarting the game on the ‘Flatland’ level
  • Fixed a bug where the contest icon of the ‘Secret Race’ task giver active zone was missing in the game and on the minimap of the ‘Reactive Zone’ level
  • Fixed a bug where the boundaries of the manual log loading zones were displayed on the ground surface
  • Fixed the reward in the ‘Another Roadblock’ task
  • Fixed a bug where the road markings didn’t match the bridge and the road near the ‘Oviro Hills’ gateway
  • Fixed a bug where the house was displayed unfinished after completing the second stage of the ‘Everybody Gets A Log’ contract
  • Fixed a bug where the cabin spawned sideways in the ‘Old cabin production’

Vehicles improvements:

  • Fixed the rim’s model clipping of the ‘International Paystar 5600TS’ truck
  • Fixed a bug where the snow was not displayed on the stickers on the roof of the AWMG AC1610 truck on the winter levels
  • Fixed are gaps between the wheels and suspension on the International Paystar 5600TS truck
  • Fixed the reversed rims on the Caterpillar 770G truck
  • Fixed a bug where the part ‘LK2-NY crane’ was missing on the Kenworth 963 truck
  • Fixed a bug where the driver’s hands were outside the truck texture in the cockpit mode of the Azov 43-191 “Sprinter” truck
  • Fixed a bug where the spare wheel didn’t disappear after using it on Kenworth W990 truck
  • Fixed the brightness of the dashboard in the Kenworth W990 truck
  • The back side collision of the Step “Pike” unique sideboard is partially corrected
  • Fixed the high gear on Burlak’s serial gearbox
  • Added new winch and crane attachment points for Burlak

Other improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where the truck froze with the ‘Prototype Exploration Unit’ trailer after it was delivered and packaged at the ‘A Bad Connection’ contract
  • Fixed a bug with the SBR6-250-R2 engine, now it unlocks only by exploration
  • Added new crane winch points for log trailer and log trailer pole


  • Fixed a bug on MacOS, where the player with unstable internet connection could have problems with saves after disconnection
  • Fixed a bug where all clients disconnected from the host of the session after one of the clients completed the ‘Way to Success’ contract on the ‘Mountain Ridge’ level

Other Changes:

  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to scroll through the list of trucks available for upgrading in the pop-up window
  • Fixed a bug in New Game+, when selecting the ‘All trucks are available’ option, then trying to purchase a truck with lack of money, the message “Truck is not available in this location” appeared
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect functioning of Logitech G29 steering wheel
  • Fixed multiple crashes on different platforms
  • Various visual fixes
  • Fixed sound issues on consoles
  • Localization fixes

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