A new, minor update has released for Apex Legends, but it’s causing some absolutely major issues for players.

This latest Apex Legends update has had the unintended effect of wiping player progress, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to what’s being deleted. From cosmetics and progression to Badges and Heirlooms, it seems nothing is safe from this mysterious bug, and there’s currently no way to avoid it.

At the very least, Respawn is aware of the problem and have said that they’re investigating the situation and we’ll let players know when a fix has been discovered. Until then, keep all fingers and toes crossed that this nasty bug doesn’t find its way into your game.

UPDATE: Respawn has pushed an update that fixes the issue and now they’re working on restoring content for those impacted by the bug. You can see the studio’s statement in full below.

Thank you for your patience! We have deployed a fix and the servers are back online! As a result of this evening’s rollback, we’re working to restore progress made throughout the course of yesterday. Additionally, we’ve had to postpone the new Ranked Split and will roll it out at a later date — more info to come. Looking forward to seeing you on the dropship!

UPDATE 2: Respawn has thanked players for their patience on this matter as they work through the data outage and the data recovery process. To make the situation a bit better, Respawn is giving everyone 8 Apex Packs. Simply log in before April 24 at 10 am PT to see them in your account.

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