The most recent installment of the fan-run Impact Direct series has aired, and it brought with it a deluge of Switch reveals and release dates. You can watch the presentation in full above, or you can get a complete recap on all things Switch related below.

First up, Spacefarer Games talking about their upcoming Switch titles. We learned that Jetpack George is going to head to Switch sometime in the future, along with Spiritus 1 and 2. No date was given for Jetpack George, but Spiritus 1 and 2 will be hitting Switch either in late April or early May 2024.

Spacefarer Games also revealed that The Dawning Clocks Of Time Remake will be launching sometime in September 2024 for Switch, and you can check out the latest trailer above.

Next up, Xavier Orion Games revealed Booty Diver ReDiscovered and Loony Lawns Recut for Switch.

Taro The Sneaky Ninja, which was revealed for Switch years ago, is apparently going to see release soon. You can see how the game is coming along in the new trailer above.

Epic Dumpster Bear 1.5 DX: Dumpster Fire Rebirth is now locked in for a Switch release on April 18th, 2024 and you can see the latest trailer above.

Discovery NG was revealed for Switch and you can see the debut trailer for this title above. The game is set to arrive sometime in the second half of 2024.

Collateral Thinking DX is also making its way to Switch, but no specific release date was given. All that we’ve heard is that the game is set to arrive sometime soon.

Corn Kidz 64 was recently announced for Switch, but the Impact Direct brought us some fresh gameplay to enjoy. Remember, Developer BogoSoft stated that their N64-era inspired platformer is coming to Switch on April 19th, 2024. The title will be priced at $7 and takes up 196 mb of space.

3Souls Parallel Edition is also eventually coming to Switch. There’s no release date for this one, but a new trailer shows us how the title is coming along.

Last but not least, more gameplay for IRONFALL was shared, giving us a look at how the game is shaping up. Please note that this gameplay shows off IRONFALL’s alpha, so there’s a long way to go before this one is ready for release.

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