Developer Kibou Entertainment has announced that they’re bringing Timothy and the Tower of Mu to the Switch. No release date has been shared at this time, but you can enjoy a trailer for the game above.

Timothy’s grandfather has passed… But legends tell of a tower so high that it disappears above the clouds, built by a god.

If someone manages to climb it to the top, a wish is granted. The Tower of Mu is awaiting its next victim. Are you nimble, strong and clever enough to overcome The Tower of Mu? Top veterans of platformers can expect a 10 hour platforming adventure, taking over 40 hours for your average gamer…

Learn to move with percision, using animation cancelling to get just the right height and width on your dash and jump. Gradually mastering these animation cancels is your key to traversing the tower. With access to only a dash, jump, and your slingshot, you will have to master each movement to make every second count…

Challenge yourself against 10 bosses, each more deadly than the last. Hone your skills in each fight as you die, learn, and repeat. Use out-of-the-box thinking to outwit these foes and deliver the final blow.

Traverse over 5 biomes, each with their own challenge. Climb vines and jump on bouncy plants, avoid the lava, duck under swinging blades, jump over spinning saws, dodge the bullets, and of course, watch out for the monsters.

Each biome has its own roster of fierce enemies. The challenge ramps up the further you progress, with each mob type adding its own deadly fighting style to further complicate the challenging traversals you must attempt. Brace yourself, as these enemies will only grow in ferocity…


  • 50 Enemy Types
  • 10 Challenging Bosses
  • Over 5 Biomes
  • Cooking and Potions
  • Deep Story
  • Feed all 30 hidden pigs
  • Hidden boss
  • Hidden rooms
  • Chip-tune soundtrack
  • Pimped-out NES Graphics

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