Plenty of developers use April Fools’ Day as a way to showcase weird and wild ideas that they never intend to realize, but sometimes the day is used as a sneaky tease as something to come. It looks like that is very much the case for Moonstone Island, as an April Fools’ joke is now on its way to becoming a reality.

For April Fools’ Day 2024, Moonstone Island developers Studio Supersoft said they were working on Fishbo inspired “Fishbolutions” for other Spirits in the game. It seems this joke really resonated with players, so much so that Studio Supersoft is shifting the idea from joke to reality in a future update.

Studio Supersoft asked Moonstone Island fans to like a tweet about the Fishbolutions idea to show their support, and if that tweet ended up surpassing 1,000 likes, they’d work to bring the idea to life. Not surprisingly, the April Fools’ joke got 1,000 likes easily, so now the team will be adding this content in a future update.

Moonstone Island is coming to Switch sometime in Spring 2024, and it’ll eventually see the Fishbolutions content as well. We’ll bring you confirmation on the game’s release date and this content drop when it becomes available.

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