ATLUS is currently riding quite a high thanks to the success of Unicorn Overlord. The company saw the game sell out physically in Japan shortly after launch, and they followed that news with sales of 500k units worldwide within the launch month. It seems this strong showing of support already has developer Vanillaware interested in following things up.

ATLUS has sent out a survey for players in Asia, and the focus is squarely on Unicorn Overlord. Even though the title is just barely a month old, this survey asks gamers if they’d be interested in purchasing a sequel to Unicorn Overlord. Respondents can choose from a variety of answers that range from very likely to very unlikely.

While the idea of a Unicorn Overlord sequel is no doubt enticing, there’s still plenty of content from the debut installment to enjoy. Case in point, the upcoming Unicorn Overlord acoustic arrangement album.

This album is set to arrive physically and digitally in Japan come May 10th, 2024, and it features 8 arranged tracks; 6 from Unicorn Overlord and 2 from the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Orchestra Concert 2024 ReSTART. You can enjoy quick samples from the album via the video above.

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