Palia has been updated to Ver. 0.178.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixed an issue with the screen appearing black due to FOV settings.
  • Added in some fixes to mitigate crashing and freezes that would occur in the Housing Plot.
  • Added a temporary fix to an issue with Flowers merging into stacks and being unable to be taken out when placed into storage.
  • Please note: For the time being, only seeds will be able to be put into storage. Watered and fully-grown Flowers will not be placeable in storage.
  • Fixed the issue where having Toggle as a setting for Sprinting would disable after any other action.
  • Fixed an issue relating to Lockboxes granting storage limits higher than intended.
  • Please note: if you find yourself over the intended limit upon logging into the game after the hotfix, you will have to reduce your inventory amount to use the storage again.
  • Fixed an issue in the Temple of Gales where climbing the ancient ladder on the final island was overly difficult.
  • Fixed the appearance of textures with the Soothsayer Outfits.
  • The Harvelia Work Outfits, which were previously disabled due to an issue with textures, are now available again.
  • [Switch Only] Fixed a handful of UI issues that appeared only on the Switch.
  • [Switch Only] Fixed a missing “X” UI option when viewing a Romance Pin.

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