Publisher Regista has announced that they’re bringing Sushi Soul Universe to the Switch today. The title will be available for $7 until April 18th, 2024, when the price will shoot up to $10.

Sushi Soul Universe is a multiverse sushi-eating action game, complete with an epic love story about the concept of sushi. Use your jumping action and love for sushi to conquer a variety of 3D courses, including 10 made exclusively for Switch.

In Sushi Soul Universe, there is a man whose love for sushi was so strong that he would die if he did not keep eating it. His love and passion are too deep for words. However, what he saw on a street corner in Shibuya was a scene of despair: sushi was disappearing from the world.

At that moment, a ray of light falls from the sky and the “Great Will of Sushi” appears. It was revealed that the order of the universe had collapsed, that the concept of sushi had been rewritten by someone, and that it was the work of an enemy so powerful that it threatened the balance of the universe. He is entrusted with a critical mission to overcome this crisis and save sushi.

He is determined. I’m going to do it!” and there was no other choice but to accept. He stands up to protect his beloved sushi and the future of the universe. The epic battle for the fate of sushi begins now.

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