Triggerheart EXELICA comes to Switch May 2nd, 2024

Is there a good kind of triggered?

04 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

We first heard of aspirations to bring TriggerHeart EXELICA to Switch back in July 2023, which was when a crowdfunding campaign launched. Since then, TriggerHeart EXELICA has been released for Switch in Japan back in December, and today we’ve learned the worldwide release plans. Those looking forward to this title will be able to snag it come May 2nd, 2024.

Remember, in the West, Triggerheart EXELICA will receive both ESRB and PEGI-rated physical Nintendo Switch versions. In Europe, the game will be distributed by Red Art Games, with Video Games Plus handling its North American version. European players will have the chance to get their hands on three physical editions.

TriggerHeart EXELICA will include an Arcade Mode and Story Mode, along with an Arrange Mode that adjusts difficulty, as well as a Training Mode for beginners. Players will be able to enjoy this title in “tate” mode, which means you can play it vertically oriented. TriggerHeart EXELICA will also include online rankings and a sound mode with additional arranged sound sources.

Triggerheart Exelica started out as a 2006 arcade game, but has since been ported to various consoles including the Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360. Following Cosmo Machia’s recent acquisition of the IP, a Switch version would be the first time the game was ported to a modern platform since 2008.

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