Colony Defense now available on Switch

The fate of the world is in your big deal

04 April 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A highly addictive minimalist atmospheric strategy game that focuses on TD essentials? We have just the right game for you: COLONY DEFENSE!

Begin your journey into the depths of space! Warm up your battle turrets and compete in epic battles to protect space colonies from attacking creeps and save them from total annihilation.

Colony Defense is a classic strategy game without unnecessary sensory overload or complexity. Build your defensive towers, earn credits by destroying attacking creatures, and upgrade or build more towers to withstand boss attacks.

Will you be able to master all the tactical skills needed to successfully use plasma weapons, lasers and missiles to save the colonies, or will you use nukes and unleash all hell?

Be warned… Colony Defense is highly addictive! So don’t make any other plans for 2024! Colony Defense is available on Switch as of today.


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