Square Enix has been releasing all sorts of merch for decades now, but they’ve just realized a glaring oversight in their approach. They’ve been marketing all of their merch to humans, which means they’ve been completely missing out on that sweet, sweet animal kingdom revenue! Well, according to a new announcement from the company, all that’s about to change.

Square Enix has announced a new merch line in Japan called Square Enix Pets, and it’s pretty self explanatory. Square Enix will be offering all sorts of merch that keeps your cuddly cats and dogs in mind, letting you accessorize their lives with items themed after Square Enix’s most popular franchises.

So far, the Square Enix Pets line includes items from the Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchise. The line isn’t available to purchase or even pre-order yet, but there are plenty of pictures for what’s to come. If you’d like to snoop through the entire planned line, you can find every single item here.

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