Endless Ocean: Luminous is coming to Switch on May 2nd, 2024, which means we’re less than a month away from launch! Wondering when Nintendo was planning to share some new details on this title? Well, turns out today is your lucky day!

Nintendo has updated the official Japanese website for Endless Ocean: Luminous, and along with fresh footage (seen above), a number of interesting tidbits were shared. Here’s what’s been shared in the latest info-drop:

  • the game will feature at least 578 creatures
  • you can share seeds with other players so they can explore specific ocean layouts
  • you’ll be able to customize your diver to some degree
  • take part in special online challenges
  • you can take selfies with the ocean life
  • at first, you can only swim with a limit number of species
  • as you increase your Diver Rank, which in turn increases your “Swimming Cost,” you can swim with more creatures
  • the Encyclopedia will give you tons of details about the sea life you encounter

Not anything too mind-blowing, but certainly some nice tidbits to build excitement. The part about sharing seeds with other players is particularly interesting, as you’ll be able to easily travel to someone else’s ecosystem to get a sneak peek at some ocean life that might not be as readily available in your game world.

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